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Tooth jewellery is a new craze, which has come over from the USA. Tooth jewellery usually comes in the form of small gems and stones, which are fitted to the teeth to give them a unique look. There are however other forms of dental jewellery available, including dental grills as made famous by American hip hop artists, removable tooth gems for short-term results, and the touching if not eccentric option of milk teeth jewellery. You can always buy jewel stickers for your teeth but if you want a proper fixed jewel, you should always see your dentist.

Teeth jewellery is generally more popular with females than males. However, many males do choose to have the treatment.

Teeth gems and stones

The application of teeth gems and stones is likened to having an orthodontic bracket applied to the teeth, with no need for drilling. There are two main types of tooth gems and stones currently on the market; these include twinkles and dental gems.

· Twinkles: twinkles are usually gold or white gold and come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Other precious stones including rubies, sapphires and emeralds are also available.

· Dental gems: dental gems are small glass crystals that come in a range of different colours and are often more obvious than twinkles.

Tooth gems and stones procedure

The procedure to attach jewels to the teeth is very simple and quick, sometimes as little as ten minutes. The gems and stones are fixed to the teeth using a strong adhesive. The dentist will discuss the procedure with you and you can then choose which kind of stone you want and select the design. Your dentist will then clean your teeth thoroughly and fix the jewel to the tooth. If you have dental health problems you may be advised to get treatment before you have the jewel fitted.

Is the application of dental jewellery painful?

The procedure to fit a tooth gem or twinkle is very quick and painless. You should not experience any pain either during or after the procedure. But if you do feel pain, talk to your dentist.

How long does teeth jewellery last?

The gems will last as long as the patient wants them to. Some people want jewels for a specific event or celebration, while others want them as a long-term addition to their look.

Will the gems damage my teeth?

Having gems attached to your teeth should not damage the existing tooth structure as long as the jewellery is fitted properly. It is important that a dentist carries out the procedure.

How much does tooth jewellery cost?

The cost of teeth jewellery depends on the design of the jewel and the quality of the material. Prices vary considerably so it is always a good idea to check prices with your dentist before you agree to have the treatment.

What happens if I want my jewel removed?

If you decide you no longer want a jewel in your tooth, arrange to see your dentist so that they can remove it. Do not try to remove the jewel yourself, as this could damage the tooth.

Removable teeth gems

Removable tooth gems are the latest means of giving your smile a bit of va va voom. The jewels can be removed whenever you want and will not damage the teeth in any way or cause any pain.

The jewels are fitted to an invisible micro-skin which is made from clear glass. The skin sits on top of the tooth and can be removed at any time. There is a large range of jewels, gems and designs to choose from so you can change your look according to your outfit or your mood.

The skins are manufactured according to the imprint of your tooth. You can either use an imprint kit or visit your dentist to create the imprint of the skin. This is then sent to the laboratory so the skin can be fabricated and the jewel attached.

Dental Grills

What are dental grills?

Dental grills are the latest in tooth bling. They usually involve large amounts of metal encrusted with precious stones and are commonly associated with American hip-hop stars and rappers. A grill usually incorporates all of the front teeth and completely transforms the appearance of the teeth.

Grills are usually unique to each individual. The patient chooses which stones, designs and metals they want to use and the dentist creates an impression of their teeth using dental putty. This is then sent off to the laboratory so that the grill can be fabricated. Most people have removable grills, so the grill can be removed easily.

Where can I get a dental grill?

It is important to see a dentist if you want a grill. Many people who do not have a valid dental license make grills and sell them for cut prices. However, they will not fit your teeth properly and may cause damage to your teeth and gum tissues.

Looking after a dental grill

Dental grills should not be worn during eating and drinking and they should be removed when you clean your teeth. It is not advisable to wear the grill for long periods of time during the day or night. If you do choose to have a dental grill make sure it is properly fitted by a dentist and ensure you keep it as clean as possible. Grills may irritate the gums and they may start to cause the enamel surfaces of the teeth to wear. Once the enamel starts to wear, this can increase the risk of sensitivity and make the tooth more susceptible to decay.

How much do dental grills cost?

The cost of a dental grill depends on a number of factors, including the materials used, the stones included in the grill and the dentist you choose. It is always advisable to get a quote for the grill before you decide to go ahead and have the treatment. Make sure the quote includes everything so that you don't get a nasty surprise when you get the final bill.

Milk teeth as jewellery

When a child loses their milk teeth most mothers keep the offending item for keepsakes, and then reminisce when they happen to come across it in the future. But, rather than throw the tooth away or put it into hiding, you can now choose to have your child's unique tooth turned into a piece of dental jewellery.

Cutting edge designers have started incorporating human teeth in their jewellery designs. Some designers use teeth to create a unique concept in jewellery design, while others use baby's milk teeth as a keepsake for parents. The teeth are gilded to ensure they do not rot and the jewellery should last a long time and can be covered in precious metal and encrusted with precious stones and gems.

The idea of jewellery made from teeth will undoubtedly be divisive. Many people will think it a strange and slightly creepy concept, while others may embrace the uniqueness and some parents may treasure having a piece of their child with them at all times.

Prices for these items of jewellery depend on the individual designer


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