Non Surgical Anti Aging Treatments

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we offers a new tier of treatment. Alongside our sophisticated dental treatments where we address some of the most complex cosmetic cases, we now have the expertise to improve your confidence by enhancing the features of your face, using new, innovative and virtually pain-free treatment modalities. We pride ourselves on providing our patients with a more youthful appearance whilst still maintaining that natural look

Lines and wrinkles

This non-surgical treatment works by relaxing the muscles to prevent certain unflattering facial expressions to gradually smooth lines and prevent new lines and wrinkles forming.

To achieve this non-surgically, a small amount of a natural highly purified protein is injected into selected facial muscles. The active therapeutic ingredient is derived from bacteria in a very similar way to the way we make penicillin in sterile laboratory conditions.

The treatment itself takes about ten minutes and no anaesthetic is usually required. Discomfort is very minimal and normal activities can be resumed straight after treatment. It usually takes roughly 7 days to see the full effects of treatment and can last up to 5 months before lines slowly begin to return.

Repeated treatments mean that the effect tends to last longer and discontinuing treatments allows the muscle functionality to return to normal and wrinkles will revert to their pre-treatment levels.

We can also use this therapy to treat other conditions with all different age groups where a whole host of indications present for example in patients with Cerebal Palsyand Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating).

Dermal fillers and facial volume loss

Improve and enhance facial contouring. Replace the lost volume in your face by replenishing your skin with natural hyaluronic acid, leaving your skin radiant and looking younger. These skin smoothing micro particles help to lift deep lines, wrinkles and furrows. These products can be used to induce collagen growth in skin to alleviate sunken facial contours, principally for the cheeks. As well as lifting the skin it also smooths and improves skin texture in the treated areas.

Anaesthetic cream is usually applied prior to treatment. Treatment time usually takes about 15 minutes followed by a short period of massage. Massage should be introduced into your daily routine for a couple of weeks following treatment in order to encourage smooth collagen growth. 

Lip enhancement

The ageing process causes lips to become thin and less full, losing their definition. Whether you are just looking to improve the contour of your lips or bring back that fuller look, we can help you achieve the results you desire with subtle changes that can make your lips look healthier, softer and more hydrated.

Sweat reduction (Hyperhydrosis)

This condition affects millions of people all over the world and can be very embarrassing and uncomfortable for sufferers posing a huge concern when making daily decisions.

It can occur in various parts of the body including the hands, feet, underarms or even face. Stress, high temperatures and physical activity can increase perspiration amongst most individuals. This is not what we term Hyperhydrosis. Hyperhydrosis can stop the body from regulating its own temperature.

Although the cause is unknown many have found a that they may have a genetic predisposition to this condition. Until now this condition has been very difficult to control as treatment entailed creams and sprays but rarely were they truly effective.

We offer a safe and virtually 100% effective solution, a life changing procedure for sufferers

Botox, Fillers & Rodan + Fields Skin Care

Read the article about Botox and dermal fillers 'The secret to your most beautiful smile' by Dr. S. Haley.

Botox has become the number one cosmetic treatment in the United States.  Botox can be used to treat several things, including ocular muscle spasms, problems with eye coordination, and severe armpit perspiration; however, it is mostly used as an anti-wrinkling agent. 

This procedure includes injecting Botulinum Toxin Type A, or Botox, into a patient's forehead at several different sites.  Botox paralyses certain muscles that cause wrinkles, interrupting their contraction.  Wrinkles are typically reduced by 80%.

The full results will be seen within a week and will last at least three months.  Side effects are mild, and often there is no interruption into daily life the day of the procedure.  On occasion, a doctor may advise the patient to stay out of the sun.

The cost varies on the doctor, the region, and the extent of the treatment.


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