Gum Surgery

There are various periodontal procedures that focus on the prevention and restoration of the gum tissue. Along with improving the functionality, and by extension, the long-term health of your teeth, you will improve the esthetic quality of your smile. A healthy smile is a self-assured smile.

Gum recession can lead to a variety of oral health issues including an unsightly ragged gum line, exposed tooth roots, and the eventual loss of teeth with extensive recession or decay. While a ragged gum line may affect your confidence, sensitivity of exposed roots and tooth loss prevent your dental structures from functioninggum surgery properly.

While aggressive brushing and gum disease may have been the contributing factors to your gum recession, our periodontists are focused on identifying the causes while providing the most effective treatment possible.

Guided tissue regeneration is ,when existing bone structure has been destroyed. During this procedure, your periodontist will fold back the gum tissue and remove any harmful bacteria while inserting membranes or proteins that stimulate the surrounding tissues, encouraging your body’s natural regenerative process.


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